Thursday, September 27, 2012

Attention unemployed! My Idea of an Amazing Human Being!

Are you out of work?

I can't remember now, how I stumbled across this but check it out.  I stopped to take in a quick video tutorial on Photoshop and quickly realized this was so much more. (And the Photoshop video was excellent by the way.)

Humberto Alonso is giving you FREE tools and knowledge to go out and start your own business. This is not online marketing or MLM or anything like that. He is teaching you graphics! (doh) and then telling you what you can do with that knowledge and helping you get there. A real business for yourself! Something you can really be proud of. He talks about Sign Design. Imagine yourself in a lucrative field like that. Businesses need signs! But I think there are lots of possibilities.

As near as I can tell, he does this out of a strong conviction to help people. So many are struggling today and it's amazing and refreshing to me, to come across someone like this in these times.

So next time you're spending time on Facebook.. have a look!

I share Mr. Alonzo's convictions and this is why I wanted to tell you, any of you actually listening, to go check it out. Get on the mailing list and just learn. Then open your eyes to new possibilities.

If you have questions about starting your own business, I am always happy to help! And if you should take Mr. Alonzo up on his training, I would like to personally help you market your new business.

And of course I must add ;) .... to be truly successful you must feel your best! So learn how to Eat Pain Free! Thousands have gotten off of dangerous drugs, lost weight, and trust this chocohaulic when she says.... NO DEPRIVATION!

Now go Seize the Day!  -Ali