Thursday, September 27, 2012

Attention unemployed! My Idea of an Amazing Human Being!

Are you out of work?

I can't remember now, how I stumbled across this but check it out.  I stopped to take in a quick video tutorial on Photoshop and quickly realized this was so much more. (And the Photoshop video was excellent by the way.)

Humberto Alonso is giving you FREE tools and knowledge to go out and start your own business. This is not online marketing or MLM or anything like that. He is teaching you graphics! (doh) and then telling you what you can do with that knowledge and helping you get there. A real business for yourself! Something you can really be proud of. He talks about Sign Design. Imagine yourself in a lucrative field like that. Businesses need signs! But I think there are lots of possibilities.

As near as I can tell, he does this out of a strong conviction to help people. So many are struggling today and it's amazing and refreshing to me, to come across someone like this in these times.

So next time you're spending time on Facebook.. have a look!

I share Mr. Alonzo's convictions and this is why I wanted to tell you, any of you actually listening, to go check it out. Get on the mailing list and just learn. Then open your eyes to new possibilities.

If you have questions about starting your own business, I am always happy to help! And if you should take Mr. Alonzo up on his training, I would like to personally help you market your new business.

And of course I must add ;) .... to be truly successful you must feel your best! So learn how to Eat Pain Free! Thousands have gotten off of dangerous drugs, lost weight, and trust this chocohaulic when she says.... NO DEPRIVATION!

Now go Seize the Day!  -Ali

Friday, August 17, 2012


SOLAVEI is combining Social and Mobile to REDEFINE commerce!

***************MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT*****************

Ok everyone. You know, or should know, that I've been doing marketing for years. I've seen everything! That is exactly why I KNOW this is different.

You might think this is just a waste of your time. However, since I see most of you on Facebook or Twitter, I know you have the time to spend looking at this opportunity for just a few minutes. It could be LIFE CHANGING for you.

Now you know I am not about the dramatic. And I can't MAKE you look at this. But in just a few short weeks, this will be everywhere! It's coming whether you participate or not! I'm just hoping you at least consider it.

When I am no longer paying for cell phone service and reaping the benefit of my efforts you will probably get tired of hearing me talk about it! This could be YOU! lol :)

"The company has already received financial commitment of over $20MM in funding at a valuation of over $120MM, which is greater than the second round of funding for both Google and Facebook."
And it has not even launched - there has been no public presentation of it - it has not generated the first dollar in revenue.
I have an unprecedented opportunity to GIVE you...but, there is a caveat - I can only offer this opportunity to twelve (12) people.
 I would like to give you a very unique invitation to participate in the prelaunch of what will become the one of the greatest competitors that the mobile, commerce and social media companies have ever encountered.
I seriously do not mind if the timing is not right for you but I would HIGHLY recommend investing the 40 minutes to watch the presentation so you don't kick yourself later. I promise after September 1st, you will not be able to avoid knowing about this company. It will be everywhere on social media and every Tom, Dick and Harry will be sending you emails.
After viewing the presentation I will need to receive an immediate email from you as to your level of interest..
I know you are really curious as to the nature of this opportunity so here is what I can tell you:
·         The founder's last endeavor reached a $1.2 Billion market cap.
·         Companies like Bank of America, T-Mobile, HTC and ZTE are Key  strategic               partners. 
·         A-List Celebrities are already lined up to create massive awareness.
 The founder of the company along with his leading executives (a staggering list of the who's who) from some of the most respected U.S. companies (such as AT&T, T-Mobile, JP Morgan, Microsoft, and others), are launching what many are calling a company that will change an industry. This will be the first Social Marketing and Commerce Company, doing what hasn’t been done before and launching nationally late summer 2012. Momentum is building as key executives, advisory board members, investors and Fortune 50 companies align with the founder's vision.
Their prevailing sentiment: “I can’t believe this hasn’t been done, and I want to be involved.”
The world interacts today through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others. The social sphere is now a major place where our relationships are nurtured and maintained. The company will provide direct access for its members to leverage their online networks through the company's proprietary social community and outreach experience, making it easy to spread the word to friends and family.
Please send me an email at and then I can send you a personal invitation. (remember Google Plus as well as Pinterest, started out  by invitation only!)
This will ensure your strategic placement.


You can also just sign up for the Webinar here:
It will ask for who referred you (Alison Crawford)

I hope you will join me in the venture. We don't have to HATE MONDAYS so much!

Cheers and Carpe Diem,

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mobile Marketing: An Introduction

Marketing is the most important part of a business. Marketing definitely has a huge impact on the overall performance of a particular product in the market. A right marketing strategy can do wonders to the success of any product or service on offer. Marketers have various ways or methods of marketing today that they can deploy. The rise of mobile phones has given way to another marketing method -- mobile marketing.

The mobile phone has become the preferred medium of communication for the masses across the world. Developed nations already have a huge mobile density. The developing nations are seeing enormous growth with hordes of people being added to the humongous pool of mobile phone users every day. This explosive growth in mobile phone usage makes mobile marketing increasingly relevant.

According to Smaato Mobile Advertising Trends 2011 that were compiled by Smaato, Inc. which is a mobile ad company, the spending on mobile ads is estimated to be between $11.4 billion to $20 billion.
Mobile marketing can be familiarized with by understanding its definition. In a broader sense mobile marketing is a marketing technique that uses mobile phones as a medium for reaching out to potential customers. Mobile marketing could be best described as any form of advertising to potential customers that is not limited by their location.
Mobile phones come with a whole range of features. These features can be used for mobile marketing sometimes. Mobile features such as SMS, MMS, Bluetooth, Browsers have been effectively used for mobile marketing.
It must be understood that mobile marketing is comparatively a new form of marketing. Just like any other marketing method, mobile marketing also has its share of challenges. Mobile marketing calls for new and innovative methods of marketing that can reach the masses. It has a great potential but at the same time, old techniques may not work. If you get the mobile marketing wrong, it may back fire and turn into such a situation that may not be managed easily.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

DirecTV Press Release on Cheapskate Sunbeam Television Station

FROM THE DIRECTV WEBSITE: "We're Working to Keep Your Local Broadcast Station on DIRECTV.DIRECTV is working hard to bring back your local channel(s) as quickly as possible, but we are standing firm on behalf of our customers against Sunbeam and WHDH, LLC attempts to extort a more than 300 percent fee increase to carry WSVN in Miami, and WHDH and WLVI in Boston. Paying such outrageous fees will only cause your DIRECTV bill to go even higher and we are doing everything we can to prevent that.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you, and we will continue to work towards a swift resolution. We have asked and will continue to ask Sunbeam to restore the channels while negotiations continue to avoid any further programming disruptions. Please note that it was Sunbeam and Sunbeam alone who made the decision to remove the channel(s) from your line up.

If you would like to help, contact Sunbeam Television and ask them to return to the negotiating table and reach a fair deal with DIRECTV:

WHDH (NBC) Boston: 617.725.0777
WLVI (CW) Boston: 617.265.5656 6
WSVN (FOX) Miami: 305.795.2777

We thank you for being a DIRECTV customer and for your patience during this difficult negotiation.

Read the full press release.