Friday, July 22, 2011


Yesterday I read as my friends on FB and Twitter were elated! " is back"...Lots of cheers and comments from everyone who seemed relieved and overjoyed. It made me so angry! As I watched the big press conference with Roger Goodell, the lawyers and the husband and I both knew it was BS. This ridiculous shining moment to yank our chain, yet again. As Hitman Harris previously tweeted..."you fell for it again!" They sat up there with their RATIFIED plan..looking like the white knights coming to our rescue. Knowing full well they were backing our players up into a corner. "Now.." they thought.. "players will have to agree or they will come off looking bad and the anger will shift to them instead of us". They also probably waited as long as they could before definitely losing the entire first week of preseason. Ka CHING! Their ratification may or may not allegedly include tricky little amendments that could bode in their favor if the players haplessly sign. We don't know. We'll never know. Here's what I know. Football is one of the few fun things we shell out money for. Even the entire year my husband was out of work, we paid for the NFL ticket on a credit card. The same credit card we used for food! Not knowing how..we were going to pay it off. So you'll forgive me.. owners..and players.. if I am now completely and fully fed up over your squabble with billions.

Yesterday I tweeted.. to quit tweeting and read the contracts. I am not mad at the players, I am just sick of hearing "we don't have a timeline" at the same time as "we just want to get out there and play". I really honestly would just like you to quit making phone calls into the sports news shows, and social networking and just get the damn thing done.

Personally I am not upset about the Hall of Fame game being cancelled. I just feel bad for the Bears fans that will be there for the long overdue awaited induction of our beloved SB20 MVP Richard DENT! Would have been nice to see and have a (totally meaningless) game to go with it. Just a Bears celebration kind of day!

So now I am going to stop reading any and all of this BS. I am going to turn OFF NFL network and ESPN and I am going to tune it out until someone tells me that the facility doors have been opened. Anyone who knows me knows how hard it is for me to turn my back on anything football! But I'm sick of being sick about it!

Enjoy your weekend and feel free to chime in!

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