Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Calcium Scare

One of the scare tactics used by the dairy industry is
that dairy products are essential to make sure you have
enough calcium.

This is simply not true. Completely false. The truth is--
and this is backed up by the medical records of millions
of arthritis and osteoporosis sufferers--the MORE milk you
drink, the LESS calcium you have in your bones. Fact.
Hard to believe, huh, especially with all the doctors and
commercials saying exactly the opposite?

This is partly because the calcium in dairy products (or
any other source such as supplements) is basically useless
in an acidic body. Dairy TAKES calcium, it doesn't GIVE it.

You see, when your body is overrun with acid, it uses its
own alkaline minerals, including calcium and magnesium,
from your bones and muscles to neutralize that acid.

So you don't get the benefit of the calcium from dairy or
any calcium supplement either, because it's used up in the
fight against the acid in your body, too.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of scientific
pages written on the dangers of dairy products.

The bottom line is this: Dairy products are NOT good for
you. They are NOT a health food. And they're NOT
essential to get calcium.

They are the perfect food to eat if you want to be sick,
overweight and diseased.

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