Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Why You Should Own a Juicer

It's one of my favorite kitchen appliances. For about $150 you can own something that will pay major dividends to your health. Probably save you a lot of bucks at the Dr's office too! I own a Jack La Lanne juicer and I love it. I also had a Juiceman juicer which is a bit cheaper and just as good at getting the job done.

When eating the Great Taste No Pain way of proper food combination you know that your diet needs to consist of lots of colorful, healthy, tasty vegetables! It should be a fun experience to go (maybe with your loved ones), and pick colorful, local, fresh veggies! Maybe you're someone who can't seem to use them all up before they go bad! Well guess what? Yes! Juice them! It's literally the best health tonic you could find. You will get instant energy and once you feel it, you'll be hooked! You also won't feel like your money was wasted by throwing away bad produce, because you won't have any!

What if you don't like the taste of veggie juice?

Proper food combination calls for eating fruits separate from everything else! But in the case of juicing, you can add apple to any vegetable drink without the risk of upsetting the balance. Apple is the ONLY fruit you should ever mix with vegetables, but if you don't like the taste of vegetables it's just like drinking apple juice. Much better than the fake stuff in the bottles or cans on the supermarket shelf!

Fresh juice is also as beneficial (if not more) as drinking water. In addition to a veggie juice snack, try juicing some fresh lemons and apple. It makes a delicious tasting lemonade with a natural sweetness you can feel good about!

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